Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

Today was our first day in Art 110 and being the good students that we are, my friends and I all decided to head to the beach to get started on the first activity. After emptying out the art store of all their plaster and hunting down the nearest Home Depot for a bucket, we ended up going to Seal Beach. It started off as a struggle as we froze our feet off while we argued over how to properly make the mold. Some random person walking on the beach even came up to us to tell us about his experiences making plaster casts when he was younger (he used an old ant hill instead of sand). After nearly two eventful hours, which involved trying to dig a ditch to chase away the waves, we finally succeeded in making six molds (2 of which are not pictured above). It was something I had never done before and most of the molds didn’t turn out that well but with practice, I believe it will definitely be a new type of media I would consider to create more things with.

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