Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Priscilla Mota-Gaona

Processed with VSCO with c7 presetThis week I had the pleasure of meeting Priscilla in class. Right off the bat we got a long pretty well because she’s a nursing major and I used to be one too. While I gave up on the major temporarily until after undergrad, she’s a third year and continued to pursue it and is on her way to transferring to a nursing program. She talked about all the challenging classes she had to take and even told me that it would be better if I had taken the required nursing chemistry class at El Camino College instead. I didn’t know there was a community college equivalent for CSULB’s Chemistry 140 due to the challenging level of the course, but thanks to her, I now know where to take it for my prerequisite!

Priscilla asked me why I wanted to be a nurse and I told her it was because it was my family’s tradition to be in the medical field – an answer I always feel embarrassed to admit. The reason she wants to become one is because she actually had leukemia many years ago and it was the nurses that made the experience bearable for her. It was the first time I ever met someone who beat cancer. Being able to witness firsthand the positive effect nurses have on their patients inspired me even more to become a nurse so that I can make a difference one day. Who knew that someone I met in Art 110 would not only help me in my path to become a nurse but also give me another reason to become one!

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