WK3 – Classmate Conversation – Cattleya Reyes

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

While I was looking through the free pins in one of the art galleries today, a girl came up and asked me if I had a conversation partner yet. Her name was Catt and we ended up looking through the art galleries together! We both really liked La Rosa’s exhibit but sadly the artist wasn’t there. We exchanged numbers so we could help each other out with our first Artist Conversation since it was a little hard to hear the only artist available. Anyway, Catt is a first year from Anaheim and she’s studying pre-nursing. I told her about my struggles in that major when I was in it but from what she told me, she’ll probably go far since she managed to get an A in the class I struggled in. She and I started talking about work because I just started my new job and I found out that she works at Yogurtland! While I’ve had four jobs since I started working when I graduated high school, Catt has stuck with her Yogurtland job for almost a year now. She says it’s a really easy job since all you really do is ring people up and wipe tables. I wanted to work at Yogurtland before but after she told me you don’t get free yogurt, I changed my mind…

Catt’s blog: https://catttreyes.wordpress.com/

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