Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Molly Ramage

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Exhibition Information

Artist: Molly Ramage
Exhibition: Untitled
Media: Print etching, paper mache
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Instagram: Jetbootsjetpack

About the Artist

Molly Ramage is a CSULB student and a mother of one who is currently in the process of earning her BFA with an option in Printmaking. She specializes in print etching, specifically fantasy landscapes that explores her personal subconsciousness and surreal narratives. Some of these narratives are inspired from her upbringing in a religious background.

Formal Analysis

Molly’s work is a mix of vintage, alternative art styles and gothic illustrations. Some pieces are a combination of random “doodle” art prints on recycled papers she had done a while back, while others are stand-alone narratives specifically created for this exhibit’s dream-realm theme. The main pieces of the exhibit are the paper mache sculptures of a nightmare come to life under a bed and a  sculpture of a winged fairy-like-creature blowing a horn. Dark colors are used consistently through out her older prints, while added pops of color contribute to the vivid worlds she explores in her newer pieces. Her older prints consist of collages of different patterns and images, while her newer prints contain elaborate mind-bending backgrounds/settings usually with a human or creature as the focal point.

Content Analysis

Molly tried to explore her own personal experiences and emotions by basing her prints off of her vivid dreams. According to her, dreams are a way to hash out emotion and art is a way of processing them. Her art was a way of her to process her subconscious thoughts – her overwhelming or suppressed emotions. It was because of this that she found herself struggling to finish the exhibit due to all the negative energy she had to face within herself. Her work contains Christian themes since she had grown up in a religious background. In one of her pieces, a llama is being ridden by Jesus. In another print, there is a narrative similar to the Wizard of Oz, which she believes is actually a story about a girl who does not want to be the antichrist. The dreams she portrayed also have a supernatural theme; they seemed real to her at the time but is now deemed impossible in the real world.

Synthesis/ My Experience

Art is meant to be personal – most artists are influenced by people, interests, or real-life events. What I loved about Molly’s exhibit was that it was even more intimate because it was based off of her subconscious, her deepest thoughts. She publicized parts of her even she cannot fully explain about herself. We often find our dreams reflect current events taking place in our lives but every once in a while we get very strange dreams that stem from somewhere we do not know. Dreams have always fascinated me because there’s nothing else out there that could explore that besides art. Molly’s art resonated with my own curiosities about dreams and how detailed our brains can work to create such elaborate worlds in our sleep. I have always wanted to show the landscapes I witness in my sleep but never actually attempted to show others like Molly successfully did.

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