Wk 6 – Art Experience – Zines/Flipbooks

The title of my zine is simply “D” – which stands for my boyfriend Daniel’s name. I wanted to make a zine for something that I loved and I figured doing one about him would be the easiest and most meaningful. The first page of my zine contains a photo of two hands interlocked in a pinky promise. While most couples get each other promise rings, Daniel and I actually have pinky promise tattoos on our bodies in the shape of these hands. The next page has a photo of a flower and an actual pressed flower from a bouquet of flowers that Daniel had gotten me recently for Valentine’s Day. He was the first person to ever get me flowers so I wanted to commemorate that. The page beside that one is a photo of Daniel’s eyes and a pun I photoshopped onto the photo. It’s both a statement of affection for him and his blue eyes that I admire so much. The next page is of a photo of us at a recent rave and I added stickers to it on Snapchat. We both have a passion for EDM and is actually how we met, so I had to include a photo of what is basically the foundation of our relationship. On the last page is a cutout of us that I placed in front of a pattern of cats. He and I always show each other funny/cute videos of pets. He’s a cat person and I’m a dog person but I’ve been starting to like cats more because of him. Daniel is my muse and tends to be my inspiration for all the art experiences so far. Because I had a lot to work with in terms of photos and things to say, the experience of putting the zine together was a fun process and I was satisfied with the way it turned out. I actually showed it to my boyfriend and he thought it turned out really cool. 

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