Wk 8 – Art Experience – Finger Painting


This was my first time trying finger painting and I was expecting it to be a rather easy, maybe even tedious task. I bought a pack of little tubs of Crayola finger paints that came in the most basic colors. Once I started, i realized I wasn’t satisfied with how basic and vivid the colors were – it just wasn’t me. I ended up using different shades of blue, white, black, and a hint of green to get more subtle tones. It never occurred to me how much time just goes into getting the right colors for all the different shades and details in paintings. The actual finger painting process felt really strange on my fingers and the more paint built up on my finger tips, the harder it was to control the strokes and correct the colors. I’m a perfectionist and as I painted the first few strokes on the paper, I realized the colors were perfect for a winter-themed painting and found myself naturally painting a mountain shape instead of going fully abstract. The details of a real mountain are difficult to perfect so I embraced it and the strokes remained unblended and random to maintain that “finger paint” and abstract effect. Overall it was a really fun experience and I was satisfied with how it turned out to resemble more of an impressionist painting. I have a newfound appreciation for the process of creating new colors and the control that having brushes gives you.

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