Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Clare Samani

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Exhibition Information

Exhibition: Dressed
Media: Printmaking, clothes
Gallery: School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: @clares_printing

About the Artist

Clare Samani is a senior at CSULB working towards her BFA in Printmaking. Her passion for art started at a very early age when she started drawing. Since then, her interests have shifted to other forms of media: she took her first printmaking class five years ago and she now has a newfound interest in fashion. She currently wants to explore non-2D art and has plans to go to graduate school in Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

Formal Analysis

‘Dressing’ exhibits prints of haphazardly laid out pieces of clothing on loud, patterned backgrounds. The prints accurately depict creases, shadows, stitching, and detail in the clothing to create a realistic illustration. Most of the pieces are correlated, inverted versions of each other – for example, one pair will display the front side and the other the back side, or the patterns of the article of clothing and the background will alternate. The pieces of clothing reproduced consist of dresses, blouses, button-ups, t-shirts, and mini-skirts. The backgrounds consist of complimentary and rich colors or basic patterns of polka dots and zig zags.

Content Analysis

The articles of clothing depicted in Clare’s prints are life-sized due to the process of using real articles of clothing to recreate its patterns. The exhibit aims to explore the idea of the symbolism that exists between a person’s identity and his/her clothing. Clare believes that clothing is the most dominant form of self expression, as clothing is a utility and a trademark for all humans. Each print is meant to be a sort of material artifact or clothing portrait,  representing the culture, personal identity, and style of the type of person who would wear that piece of clothing.

Synthesis / My Experience

What drew me to Clare’s exhibit was the fact that I immediately connected and understood what the message of her exhibit was. Upon looking at the different paintings, I could already get a sense of the type of person she was trying to convey with the article of clothing, colors, and patterns she put together. I always find myself unconsciously analyzing people’s outfits and creating judgements on their personal story and character based on it. Essentially, fashion is what brings people together and helps us make sense of the world. Whether we have artistic ability or not, it is a form of art that everybody takes part in and that is what I appreciated the most about this exhibit.

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