Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Ceasar Nonga and Josh Ocular


For this week’s classmate conversation, I paired up with Josh and Ceasar (who is not pictured in the photo because we realized too late that Josh’s head covered it ☹️). I’ve talked to them a few times in class but never formally introduced ourselves. Ceasar is a Kinesiology major while Josh is Sociology major, so I somewhat relate to both of their majors since I was once a Nursing major and I’m currently a Psychology major. Turns out, they’re both from Carson but went to different high schools, they both played tennis, and they liked anime, specifically Naruto. I lived all the way in North East Los Angeles, didn’t really play any sports in high school, and I also didn’t really watch a lot of popular animes. I felt even more left out when Josh assumed I was the only Korean in our group while they were Filipino – which mildly offended me since I’m also Filipino even though I don’t look like it lol. It turns out that all of us were actually born in the Philippines, but Ceasar moved here when he was a baby, I moved here when I was six, and Josh moved here towards the end of elementary school. Josh and I bonded over our love for the same type of alternative bands like Panic! At The Disco and Two Door Cinema Club. Ceasar listened to all sorts of things and listened to some of the music Josh and I liked, but he mainly leans towards hip hop music. The both of them have only been to concerts for their favorite type of music respectively, but I hope to convince them to try going to EDM music festivals since they listen to a few DJs and seem to know how to have a good time. Overall, they’re both really funny guys to be around and they’re so easy to talk to so I definitely see myself hanging out with them outside of class! Ceasar told me he is performing at PCN so I might go watch him dance, and Josh told me he found a stray cat in his backyard so I might want to adopt it ☺️

You can find their blogs here:

Josh: https://coolcatjosh.wordpress.com/

Ceasar: https://macncheesersalad.wordpress.com/

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