Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Laura Lopez
Exhibition: Selvatica
Media: Paint, Canvas
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery
Website/ Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Laura Lopez is a graduate student at CSULB – this is her last exhibit before she graduates this May and earns her degree in MFA in Painting and Drawing. She is originally from Columbia, where she went for undergrad, but she briefly studied in Germany as well. Her paintings are inspired by the nature found in South America. Besides art, Laura also enjoys dancing.

Formal Analysis

Selvatica is an exhibit of vibrant, loud, and colorful paintings. Each painting has a specific color scheme, almost as if to showcase a specific time of day and lighting. Instead of using regular shadows, highlights, and blending, Laura uses geometric shapes and tangled lines to add dimension and shapes to portray the subjects. The wild patterns she creates gives life to the animals, trees, and bodies of water she depicted.

Content Analysis

Laura found inspiration from visiting the jungles in South America, where she grew up. She felt that the jungle is her true home, where her roots are planted, and it continues to represent her growth. She admired how nature builds and creates structure for life forms and how all living things are connected to nature. Her exhibit is inspired by the philosophy of Pantheism, which describes the way the universe is a full spirit. Her paintings highlight that connection and spirit by bringing the paintings to life using lively and stimulating colors,

Synthesis / My Experience

I enjoyed Laura Lopez’s exhibit the most because her use of loud colors attracted my attention. Her paintings accurately depict nature in the sense that so much is going on at once, and you really have to look closer and look at the details to truly understand the essence of it all. The way she depicts nature creates a psychedelic world so it’s almost entraining to just sit back and watch. Her ability to create order despite such an abstract style is also admirable, and you would normally not think that such contrasting colors would work well together. Seeing her paintings makes me want to visit the jungles just to find out if I would also see it in the same colorful way she views nature.

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