Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

One of my favorite forms of art are sketches so I was really excited about this week’s art activity. It was a bit of a challenge for me, however, since I’m so used to drawing people rather than landscapes and scenery. I’ve also never really tried drawing a live subject and I found it difficult since the water was constantly moving, people were always getting in the way of the object I was drawing or simply moving around too much. I usually use photo references when I draw, so not being able to zoom in and out of details was an obstacle since I have pretty bad vision.

When I was in the Japanese Garden for class, I settled for making a 5-minute sketch (pictured in the bottom left corner) of what I saw – my friend Ceasar sitting in a chair as the foreground and the garden as the background. Knowing people were looking over my shoulder as I drew made me self conscious and I ended up not being very satisfied with my drawing. When I draw people, I usually take a lot more time to get the facial features and anatomy correct but I just couldn’t do it with that much pressure.

Before I left the garden, I made sure to snap a quick photo as a reference for sketches later on. I decided to try my hand at contour drawing, which is what you see in the top left corner. Sadly, I got carried away with that sketch and didn’t get a chance when it was in it’s bare minimum contour. Eventually I just did my own thing because I liked how it turned out so much. I brought out my Copic Sketch markers (my absolute favorite!!! makes me feel like a comic book artist) and started coloring it in a “water color effect.”

I loved playing around with my green sketch markers so much that for my abstract piece (middle photo on the left), I decided to “water color” the pond. I ended up really liking how it turned out; it was so fun to mess around with so many shades colors in such a disorganized way to make something so cohesive! Despite how it looks, it was actually more complicated to make — which I think is essentially what abstract art makes a lot of people think too.

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