Wk 15 – Extra Credit – Class Evaluation

It’s week 15 which means my time in Art 110 is coming to a close. I’m definitely going to miss all the art exhibits I got to see and all the people I would constantly meet in class. Most of all, I’m sad that I no longer have an art activity to look forward to. My three favorite art activities were plaster casting, automatic drawing, and sketching in the garden.

I have really fond memories of plaster casting because it was our very first art activity, and my friends and I ended up going to the beach on our first day back for Spring semester! We went on a little adventure finding all the materials and it was rather funny how we struggled to fend off the waves and perfect our molds. I think that activity is perfect for bringing people closer together and helps break the ice, but I do wish it was a little colder when we did that activity LOL.

Automatic drawing has to be my second favorite activity due to the teamwork aspect of it as well. I did it with my boyfriend, who is the most unartistic person ever, and we had a lot of fun doing it. Two different minds were working together using one marker ended up being both stressful and calming – a truly cathartic experience.

Sketching in the garden was another personal favorite of mine because that was originally what I had in mind when I thought of an art class in college – sitting in my chair and sketching live models/ objects/scenery. Drawing is a hobby of mine so being able to do that for a class has always been a dream since there was no way my parents would ever let me major in art.

If I had to list the activities I liked the least, I would have to unwillingly state that ethnography and finger painting were my least favorite. Ethnography was my least favorite simply because it required the least creativity and was more of an experience rather than an art experience, in my opinion. Although it was an eye opening activity and was enjoyable in its own way, but it reminded me of an assignment I once did for Theatre 113 here at CSULB so it wasn’t all that interesting to me. As for finger painting, my only issue with it was how messy it was and the fact that the prompt was for a more “abstract piece.” I would have liked to finger paint something more representational so it would have been more challenging and less juvenile.

Art 110 was such a memorable/different class due to the platforms we used. I really loved using WordPress because it allowed us to be more creative with our submissions – we could format them differently by adding media and we could even customize our blogs. It’s also a lot more versatile and gives us the option to keep using these blogs in the future. It didn’t feel like I was meeting yet another deadline and selling my soul every time I submitted something like it did when I used Dropbox on Beachboard. There’s just nothing creative or artistic about writing a word document and emailing it to a professor.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 3.35.10 PM
A creative space I’m proud of and allows me to look back on posts.
Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 3.37.04 PM
I love the option to add media and even HTML into the posts!

On the other hand however, Slack wasn’t as functional or easy to use for our class discussions. There were too many different ways to respond to posts and everybody was using different methods so it got rather confusing. Adding photos was also pretty muddled because it would ask you to add a caption, which turns out to be the main form of text for the post. If you chose not to add caption, thinking you can add your text later on in the comments section, you ended up just posting a photo by itself. Messages would also get easy lost and there was just so many windows that would open – for channels, for private messages, and threads – and they all looked kind of the same. I feel like Slack is an application best used for smaller groups and organizations working on specific projects, not for big classes working on different assignments a week. I think Beacboard’s Discussion option is much cleaner and easier to use in comparison because it was specifically made for everything we use Slack for.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 3.40.00 PM
Very simple, clear links.
Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 3.42.16 PM
Too much clutter and windows open. Uses icons without explanations.

When I first signed up for Art 110, I was in need of creative stimulation and expression due to the lack of it in all my Psychology courses. The last time I took an art class was in 3rd grade so I was curious to see what an intro art class in college would be like. It’s safe to say, I was not disappointed!

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